Shape Puzzle learning games for Toddler Kids free App Reviews

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Only 2 puzzles are unlocked before you have to pay $3 to unlock the rest.

Educational and entertaining

Amazing app with cute sounds and bright colorful graphics.So much fun for my kids they really love this app, especially my 2 year old daughter. It has more stuff to do than any other free apps can give you. My 3 year old daughter likes the surprises after achieving a few games

Educational and entertaining

It’s really all in one, lots of activities inside. Colorful graphics, cute characters and beautiful animations all attract kids so much, my kids are exploring and enjoying it

Good app

It lovely and funny games. My daugter really like this game. It lovely app


Didactic app, my kids love to solve all the puzzles. Recommended for your kids.


Shape puzzle is one of the most fun app on the market its simplicity and easy to use makes it very fun to play in it highly recommended download it now!


I love this!! Thx developers I enjoy to play to much this types of games with my kids and I recommend this app to everyone. Hours of fun 👌🏽

Amazing app!

pretty good game. I seem to play a lot. not only that also invite friends to play. game features that I can play long. Good app.


What an interesting game for kids to learn knowledges and have fun in games,I will highly recommend it to my friends!


My son loves these puzzles. I am so happy to have an iPhone for him to play on

Good game!

It's a great game and I like that it follows the approach to learning. I love having a new resource for my kids. Is good to play to kill some time or when you're just looking for something to do with your kids. Good interface graphics and easy to use. Recommend it.

Fun puzzle

This app has a nice set of puzzles which I found very useful to develop my son solving skills. Some are easy to solve, some are difficult but I'm very glad that he could figure it out by himself.

For my kids

Do you want some fun for your child? This app is a must have.

Great child game!

The game best developed to entertain my child. The illustrations are perfect with clear colors to attract attention and the puzzles are very good and fun as one of fish that exists

Nice app

Beautiful music,cute cartoon style. It is specially designed for kids,so it has concise interface and easy to play.It can help children develop their English abilities.


It is not only a game, but also you could learn basic knowledge for kids by playing it. There is a new puzzle game that is suitable for kids. It is so funny. Full rating!

Great app

This app is very good and easy to use. My children love it so much. It has a lot of fun small game. I give this app 5 stars and thanks to developers!

Good app

This app is useful for children. My son like it. Thanks for developer have created it!

Love it

I teach kindergarten and I like to use this wo work with kids one on one. They enjoy it and it reinforces skills I’m teaching in class. Great for review


Simple and easy to understand interface. You could give it to a 3 year old and they would get it. Great game for my child to have fun and learn at the same time

Best app ever

Great app for learning animals, vehicles, etc. Lots of fun to play, my kids can't stop! This is definitely designed for easy navigation and exploration for kids. It is also full of colorful, eye-catching animation and harmonious music.

amazing app

good and loved by my kids,

Very cheerful

Love the overall color selection and it does perform better on my old iPhone 3G. Great for a free app.



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